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Start your new life in Estonia, a country that continues to develop thanks to the bountiful nature of Northern Europe and its economy.

Part of Northern Europe, Estonia is a country with a long history facing the Baltic Sea. After having been conquered by various nations due to its excellent location, it achieved independence as one of the 3 Baltic States in 1991. Although the country is small, approximately the same as Kyushu area, with its bountiful nature and population well versed in culture, the arts and academics, Estonia has created a style of county using English and cutting edge IT technology as its weapons.
Our company saw early on the potential for Estonian development and an increase in its status within Europe, and worked to establish business in Estonia. In 2011, Estonia has now also seen the introduction of the euro, indisputably showing that it is now a major country within the EU. With the promise of simple tax systems and economic freedom, there is certain to be even further growth now. Since the end of last year, there has been active real estate investment by neighboring Finland, leading to a steady increase in real estate values due to both the introduction of the euro and a lack of available properties. In the last few years, things have unfolded as we had been predicting and informing everyone of.
With development approval acquired last year, the Kadrina Resort Project has also picked up speed. Local hopes are high as well, and we are certain it is a project that when completed will gain attention not only domestically within Estonia, but also from throughout Europe. As a location where you can have a secure long-term stay, and for stable asset building, we would love for you to join us in participating in the Kadrina Resort Project.

APIX&VISTA GROUP President Toshio Kawabe

Company Profile

APIX Co.Inc【Company Registration Number 10835272】

Head Quarters

Jukentali 8-48, 10132 Tallinn, Estonia
TEL +372 644 0067 FAX +372 644 0066

Business Office

Jukentali 52-11 10132 Tallinn,Estonia
TEL +372 644 0510 FAX +372 644 0511

Business Type

1)Real estate development




Toshio Kawabe


2002 Company established
2003 Start of serious approach to real estate development in Estonia
2004 Apply for New Town development in Haapsalu outskirts
2006 Acquire large scale land for development in Kadrina region
2007 Haapsalu New Town sold, applications made for development in Mahu, Ama, Aaspere and more
2008 Apply for development of Kadrina Resort Project
2010 Receive permission for development of Kadrina Resort Project


Estonian Central Register of Securities, Registered Number:EE3100095035
Company Registration Number: 1140420
Business Type: Real estate

【Company Registration Number: 11094962】

Business Type : Investment


Activities and Publishing

Presents to Elementary Schools in Kihlevere and Vohnja

With the goal of increasing understanding of Japan, we have been sending Christmas presents for the past 5 years to the children who will support Estonia’s future.

Church Donations

We have made donations to the church that local residents worship at. This is merely a token of our appreciation for operating in Estonia.

Holding Lectures

Until now, multiple lectures have been held introducing Estonia and our company business there, throughout Japan.


The following 2 books have been published with the goal of introducing Japanese people to Estonia.
(They can be purchased from amazon.co.jp by searching for the word “Toshio Kawabe.”)

※Some photographs and illustrations are used only as examples.