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Significant Economic Growth with Open, Progressive Policies

Of the various European countries that gained independence in 1991, Estonia is one of the most successful. The reasons for this are open policies and a progressive shift to new technologies. Also, the excellent geographical position linking Europe and Russia as a gateway country is also important. Recently the influence of the global financial crisis has also been overcome, with 2010 seeing positive economic growth again.

Expanding Business Opportunities with English and IT

Estonia has excellent English education, and can provide foreign companies with a quality workforce. Also, with a national attempt to adopt IT, internet is widely available, creating an environment amenable to foreign companies moving in.

Continuing Exchange with Finland

Facing each other across the Baltic Sea, there are also linguistic similarities between Finland and Estonia, who have long had strong economic and personal interaction. Between Finland’s capital Helsinki and Tallinn, there are around 10 ferries every day that are used for freight, business, shopping and travel. There are also plans to build an undersea tunnel in the future, which will strengthen the bond between the two countries.

Attractive Tax System

As part of attracting foreign companies, Estonia has a variety of tax breaks available. Thanks to this, corporate tax is 0% (however, 21% for dividends). Also, income tax is low at 21%, while inheritance tax and gift tax are both 0%.


1. Permanent Residency, Long-term Stay

Estonia has a low cost of living, making it an excellent choice among European countries for extended stays. For customers interested in permanent residency or long-term stays, we will introduce properties that are currently in development.

2. Starting a Business

For those customers who are interested in starting a business not just in Estonia, but any of the Baltic States or Northern Europe, please utilize our business support service.

3. Real Estate

Using our years of experience and results, we will research and provide information on real estate investments.

4. Trade

Our company will provide support in the creation of contracts and dealing with import and export procedures, focusing on Estonia.

5. Information Services and Publishing

Our company will collect the latest information on Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, and create a research report. We will also help in publishing related items.

*Please consult with us in the following situations:
-You would like to stay in Europe for an extended period of time
-You are considering starting a new business
-You would like to conduct enterprise investigation and market research
-You would like to have an office
-You are looking for business partners
-You are considering publishing advertisements
-You are looking for lawyers or accountants
-You would like to invest in real estate

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