Kadrina Resort Project currently in progress

Project Overview

The Kadrina Resort Project is a big project which took 5 years of planning and 3 years from submitting development plans until approval was received.
The project includes acquiring a vast 1,710,000㎡ of land in the Kadrina area located next to the Lahemaa National Park on the Baltic Coast in northern Estonia, and constructing a large luxury resort including a golf course, luxury villas, spa hotel, resort condominiums, and shopping mall.
In June of 2010, final approval for the development plan was received from Estonian authorities in Lääne-Virumaa, and the project has been put into motion.

A New Tourism Destination

In 2010, a ferry route to Finland opened in a port near Kadrina, increasing the number of Finnish visitors to this area.
Supported by tourism demand, the unspoiled nature of this region is gaining attention as a new tourist destination for Estonia.

Easy Access from the Capital, Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has been designated a World Heritage Site, with tourists visiting from not only Europe, but all over the world.

Kadrina is located approximately 50 minutes by car from Tallinn. From the Tallinn International Airport, you can fly to any of the major cities in Europe when the fancy strikes you.

Convenient and High-quality Resort Life

The city of Rakvere is approximately 10 minutes by car. There are large shopping centers, fabulous restaurants and pubs, and elegant beauty salons in Rakvere, creating the environment necessary for resort living.

Complete Illustration of Kadrina Resort

Development Concept

People and Nature

As the destruction of the environment on Earth continues, the number of places where one can live and feel in touch with nature will become more and more limited. There is a demand for places for humans to live within nature. We will work towards humans and nature living in harmony.

Asia and Estonia

Both Estonia and, in particular in Asia, the island country of Japan have pronounced seasonal differences. Through this project, we will work towards strengthening relations and bonds between both countries.


Asia is a distant land to the people of Estonia, and they are very interested in it. We will try to introduce about Oriental culture through art, health methods, and martial arts.

Project Summary

Vohnja Luxury Lots

In an area of 30ha, luxury resort lots are being sold in 147 sections, with each section averaging 2400m2.
Located beside the planned location of the Kadrina Golf Club, in the future there will be support staff for Japanese speakers in the Information Center. Instead of just long-term stays, these lots could be used for permanent residency as well.

Kadrina Golf Club

The construction of an 18-hole, 7000 yard golf course is planned in an area of 86ha.

Vohnja Resort Residences

2 or 3 floor resort residences.
Planned for construction in the future as rental units for extended stays, including a kitchen, bed and shower.

Vohnja Shopping Mall

The construction of a shopping mall based on the themes of art and health is planned.
Plans are to build restaurants and cafes alongside, and introduce arts, crafts, and health and medical techniques from around the world.

Vohnja Shopping Mall

*Some photographs and illustrations are used only as examples.