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Real Estate in Estonia

Long-term Stay in Northern Europe

There are various ways to enjoy long-term stays, but Estonia is one of the most appropriate countries in Europe to do so, thanks to its natural beauty, safety and the low cost of commodities. The highly artistic nature of the culture that is a fusion of northern and southern European cultures, as well as Russian culture, will entrance anyone who lives in Estonia. English is generally spoken, and it is a pleasant environment for foreigners.

Real Estate Trends in Estonia

In recent years, the real estate market was in a slump due to the global financial crisis, but around the introduction of the euro in 2011 it began to regain vitality.
In particular, investment from neighbouring Finland and Sweden is prevalent, with the development of large real estate projects such as shopping centers sticking out. There is also strong domestic demand for residential housing and summer houses. .

Our Company Approach

Our company predicted the future potential of Estonian real estate and started taking action early on. One of those projects was developing summer houses. Focused mainly on the more heavily populated northern area of Estonia, acquisition and applications for development were carried out. Development approval has already been acquired in several areas, and we have begun land sales. In the future, we would like to meet demand not only domestically, but also from other countries such as Sweden and Finland.

Properties for Sale

Kadrina Resort (For Sale Now)

Luxury lots that form the core of the Kadrina Resort Project. Located beside the Kadrina Golf Club, with an average area of 2400m2 and a total of 147 sections for sale. (Development approval acquired in June 2010)

Kadrina Resort (Being Prepared)

Resort residences of 2 or 3 floors built in one corner of the Kadrina resort.
Planned for construction in the future as rental units for extended stays, including a kitchen, bed and shower.
(Development approval acquired in June 2010)

Mahu Seaside Village (For Sale Now)

25 minutes by car from Rakvere, a major city in eastern Estonia near the Kadrina Resort. Lots are available in Mahu, a quiet seaside village on the Baltic Sea. One section is about 10,000 m2 to 13,000 m2.
(Development approval acquired in March 2009)

Haapsalu Commercial Lots (For Sale Now)

Commercial land perfect for restaurants and shops, located on the outskirts of Haapsalu, a tourist city in western Estonia. [2 sections: a) 7,688 m2, b) 11,399 m2] (Development approval acquired in September 2004) Residential lots have already been sold.

Ama Commercial Lots (For Sale Now)

Part of a hilly area facing a main thoroughfare near the Kadrina Resort, perfect for restaurants and shops. [Approximately 1.7 hectares]


We can suggest appropriate properties to meet your budget and desires.
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